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Nutrition Assessments


We look at the big picture with the Nutrition Assessment.  Starting with a thorough history of symptoms of all kinds, to a review of your Food Log (and recent labwork), we aim to find the trends in your health.  Toxicity and Stress surveys help us understand any lifestyle factors, because they also play a big part in your overall health.   Together we look at the systems that have been challenged and their causes. 


Next is Body Response Testing.  It allows me to determine which organs and systems are in need of support and balance, and which supplements your body will respond to most favorably.  People have saved hundreds to thousands of dollars by my helping them skip needless supplements that don't work for their body. A recent client reversed years of indigestion in 2 weeks, with (the right) one supplement!

I use Cold Processed, Whole Food Supplements, rather than synthetic and petroleum-based vitamin isolates, to give the most far-reaching benefits to your whole body.


10-Day and 21-Day Cleanses are also very popular. 

Can your body handle a cleanse at this time?  We'll find out. 

If so, I'll give you all the nutritional, logistical and emotional support available, to make sure your cleanse is successful.  And after it's done, I'll help you keep the progress going, by showing you how to eat and live toxin-free!


The cleanse packages give you everything you need to detox from bad food habits or the environmental toxins of daily commuting, leading you to a new relationship with healthy food--with minimum detox symptoms.  I have chai, chocolate and vanilla flavors (as well as unsweetened), plus vegetarian and vegan choices available!

Remember, you can book a free consultation, so I can answer any other questions.

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