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Jharra Healing from Haidakhan Babaji


Clearing the Energy Body with Feathers and Mantra


Jharra is a healing technique in which the practitioner repeats a Mantra while sweeping peacock feathers over a person’s body, thereby clearing out dis-harmony and allowing the natural harmony to preside. With each sweep, the mantra is repeated.


Jharra was reportedly the prominent form of healing practiced in ancient Vedic times, prior to when herbs and medicines were promoted. Dis-ease and dis-comfort are considered to be dis-harmonies. The sweeping restores harmony and balance, thereby eliminating dis-ease and dis-comfort.

The practitioner is initiated by a certified Jharra Practitioner who has received the Teacher Training.  They give the new practitioner a certain mantra for a certain purpose, which then must be “charged up” using a mala. In general, the mantra needs to be repeated for a certain number of times, with a minimum number of repeats per day, before you begin using the technique on others.  Following the charging-up process, there is the responsibility of maintaining the energy by a certain number of repetitions of the mantra daily.  This is a way of building up the “chi” or universal life energy within yourself to ensure this energy will pass through the feather instrument in a pure and powerful way.

What Is A Typical Session?

If the patient is sitting up, the Jharra practitioner sits in front of them and sweeps down the front of the person, and taps the feathers into the earth. The mala is used during the charging-up process and not during the treatments while sweeping with feathers. If the person is lying down, then the sweeping takes place head to toes, with the practitioner sitting next to them. A chair, bed, massage table, or a mat on the floor all work equally well, with consideration going to the comfort of both people.  Sessions are usually 30 minutes, and can be in person or done remotely.


Silently saying the mantra, while sweeping the feathers over the client's body, integrates the sound frequency of the mantra into the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of the individual.  The charged-up healing mantra goes from the energy field of the practitioner, through the instrument (feathers), and into the auric field of the patient/client.  Sometimes the “problem” sits in the auric field for weeks, months, or even years before it manifests into a dis-ease in the physical body.  When the auric field is in a harmonious state, the person is in optimal health. Body, Mind and Spirit work together.

Why Peacock Feathers?

Peacock feathers hold all the colors of the rainbow/chakras (balance and harmony symbol) plus the “eye” in the feather represents the third eye, or intuition. The peacock is the traditional vehicle of Kartikeya, son of Shiva. Peacock Feathers have been used for healing for tens of thousands of years in every culture throughout time. They are said to carry Spiritual Healing Energy that can be used to assist people seeking balance and harmony in their lives. With the proper guidelines of use, they allow the individual to connect with Universal Healing Energy and use this energy to heal people of all of their complaints, imbalances and disease. Peacock tail feathers are large and colorful, and many people enjoy them simply for their beauty. Beyond this, a peacock feather is a symbol of both immortality and of renewal. As such, they are also often viewed as a symbol of resurrection. Generally, the peacocks are symbolic birds and their feathers have become steeped in meaning. Since they naturally replace their feathers annually, the feathers are a symbol of renewal.

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