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Reiki, Chakra Healing, Jharra and Energy Work

What do these healing techniques all have in common?  They all heal our body and mind energetically and spiritually.


When we do energy work, we're not looking at finding a problem to fix for you. Instead we're looking at expanding what's going RIGHT.   I am sympathetic to the problems we all have, and our need to resolve them in order to live our lives at the level we want.  When we focus together on Expanding the Good, so many other things fall into place, including our aches and pains.  Many problems have an emotional/existential component, and if we don't handle those, the problem will remain or go elsewhere. Fortunately, energy work allows us to address both mind and body.  That's because it works with the energy flow and patterns, which include the mind and body. 


Energy healing even goes a step further. True healing doesn't simply take you back to how you were before the “trouble” began; it actually helps you learn more about yourself, and grow into an expanded consciousness about the issues in play, restores your right relationship with the universe, helps you to “reorganize” your self concept and world view, so that you become a new and improved version of yourself. It addresses the CAUSE. 


It’s part of a larger paradigm called Reorganizational Healing. For example, it may allow you to more easily reach a state of forgiveness toward yourself or others involved, or realize a new solution where none seemed to exist before, come to a deeper awareness of what your body/mind is needing at the time, suddenly realize how much you need love from yourself or others, or have love to give, or just come to a state of peace or acceptance about what is happening.


While not everyone has these types of experiences every visit, these are some of the most common experiences, of clients all across the planet!  This is the vision I hold for you.

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