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Studies have shown that making significant life changes can be challenging.


Think about one significant, lasting change you've made in your life. Maybe you went back to school, made a career change, transitioned out of a relationship that wasn't working for you; or maybe you healed a major illness; and let's not forget any major dietary change or weight loss that lasts.


What helped you to accomplish these changes? 


Have there been improvements you've wanted to make, but haven't yet been able?


Have you been able to make those changes on your own, without support ?


Have you given up attempting to change certain parts of your life?





In addition to major changes such as those mentioned above, there are an infinite number of smaller but highly significant changes we make in our lives every year. These changes may not be big, but they can make a big difference in your quality of life.  And they can still be tricky to implement.


For example, how do you respond when:


  • your mother-in-law pushes your buttons?


  • your boss requires you to repeatedly stay late, to the detriment of your relationships?


  • you find yourself staying up past midnight, surfing the internet or Facebook, watching tv, or playing video games, even though you know it serves you best to have a good night's sleep?


  • you feel pressured to become a “bigger, better” you to lead your work team to greater levels?


  • interpersonal dynamics seem entrenched at home or work, and you want to ease the tension and find a way for everyone to get what they need?


  • you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t share your desire to learn and grow, so you feel alone in dealing with the issues you share?



"All the major changes I have made in my life

have had some combo of

a framework, help from other people, and personal investment.''



I've developed many tools through my years of practice, any of which can be incorporated into a coaching session: 


  • Breathwork for moving energy, calming the inner censor, accessing the Higher Self and subconscious mind

  • Alchemical Hypnotherapy for harmonizing different internal agendas, healing our Inner Child and understanding past life influences

  • Flower Essences for gently shifting and opening emotions and spiritual awareness

  • Reiki energy healing for learning to feel, give and receive pure Universal healing energy, and know that energy is real

  • Talking things out

  • Self-reflection through journaling or reading





  • Study of Science of Mind (like Louise Hay), for claiming our rightful place in the design of Creation, and knowing and using our ability to create our experience with our Mind

  • Course work and time in residence at the More Intentional Community, where I learned to find everyone right, no matter what; and the importance of fun, pleasure and sensuality in a spiritual path; and if something's not a yes, then it’s a no

  • ️Years of studying A Course in Miracles, whose message is that we are Love, and to expect miracles every day

  • Immersion in the 12 step philosophy, which brings a Higher Power into every part of life; learning how to use that power to help achieve the sanity and serenity necessary to rise to greater levels of awareness and accomplishment

  • The practice of Heart Math Meditation, for instant feedback to stay in the zone, and help create a daily practice

  • ️The philosophy of Network Spinal Analysis and Reorganizational Healing and the practice of it over these 32+ years; finding ways to help you experience your life force and Inner Guidance more fully, teach you how to trust and pay attention to your body, develop metaphors and imagery to help you focus, allow energy and emotion to flow through ever deeper layers of your being, and release what no longer serves you.



Reorganizational healing is the concept that to make meaningful and lasting change, we have to actually reorganize much of the way we think about ourselves and life. There are so many beliefs that are built on top of older beliefs, that this has to be dismantled in order to have a truly new thought about ourselves. While this may sound like a big deal, it actually happens naturally when we are truly open to change and not just putting a band-aid over a symptom. An example of this is when we go through a major and emotional life change, and find ourselves questioning everything we thought we knew about that experience. All it requires is an openness and willingness to be curious about ourselves and our life. 





I assume that you're perfect, just as you are. If there is more you need from life right now, then let's find a way to expand your life to include those things.


There is a good cause and reason for every seeming limitation, obstacle, belief, challenge, block, and shortcoming. It may have served an important survival and coping purpose at a time in our life when we had fewer resources. Let’s address the cause and move toward the solution with Love - for the way our strategies perfectly served their purpose in helping us feel safe, make sense and get through difficult times.


There are three main ways we can begin a change, called the Triad of Change. The way we begin is important. Beginning in one direction may stall us, in a second direction may help us, and in a third direction may be Golden. Each of us has a way that works best for us.


We make progress when we're really excited about what we're doing, having fun, and not pushing or struggling.


Thoughts, feelings and memories have power. And they can also change, if they’re no longer working for us.


I consider my specialties to be spiritual connection, great relationships, and of course health and wholeness. My overall goal for any coaching session is for you remember who you really are, to feel more empowered in whatever circumstances we are working with, and leave with an action step that makes sense for the Real You.


The Real You is unique, creative, magnificent and has so much to offer. When we get more in touch with who we really are, letting go of the "shoulds" and limitations, and moving through our fears, the Real You is able to express its passion!




Coaching is right for you...


  • If you're a person who likes to have help sorting out your emotions.


  • If you're a person who likes to talk out what's going on and what you want to create.


  • If you've become overwhelmed with your To-Do lists. 


  • If you have dreams and ideas, and don't know how to get there from here.


  • If you're frustrated with your own attempts to make important changes.

  • If you want someone in your corner, who believes in you (even when you can't).


I want to be support for you, to provide a structure for you to succeed in whatever you pursue, the safety to attempt and dream, knowing you have a champion, or simply help you sort out what you want your life to look like; or to help you get un-stuck, if you have no idea, but just know that you haven’t found your current sweet spot. 


Private coaching sessions allow us to have an ongoing relationship around deeper changes, provide longer-term structure for support and feedback, and provide the all-important accountability that helps us stay on track when our resistance threatens to derail our efforts.


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